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Listening to the Inner Storyteller

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No reason for this picture except I thought it was really cute. (I should try to repeat it with Lucy and Tumbleweed, perhaps. I like how they look like they’re about to strike up a conversation a la Alice in Wonderland.) And speaking of Lucy, the girl is apparently a born storyteller. Although she can’t read quite yet, she has absolutely no problem with opening a book and making things up to go with the pictures. The fun part is that it takes her less than two seconds to process whatever she sees and come up with a story for it…and the story actually makes sense even as she goes page by page. And by make sense, I mean that it holds a sense of continuity, not that her four-year-old logic is flawless. Last time it was apparently about the Saggy, Baggy Elephant. Who has a lot of friends and… Read more