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Meringue Mountain

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I spent most of the weekend baking cookies. My yearly baking of meringues takes a very long time to complete – and this year I did a triple batch, plus a single batch of standard chocolate chip cookies. Some of these are being sent out as gifts, but most will probably end up in my belly. Because, duh. They are awesome. Especially with ice cream.  I sorta suspect I have too many still, though – so I’ll be bringing in some to work to give out.  I’m oddly stingy about that, though – as much as I like it when people enjoy the fruits of my labor – after you spend about 6 hours baking the things, (and 70 minutes of that is stirring in the sugar, thanks),  I want to make sure they’re appreciated. Or something. (And meringues are an acquired taste, I think – too sweet for many,… Read more