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Membership Has Its Privileges

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It’s that time of year again – membership renewals. I belong to a fairly large number of writing organizations. Even though some of the renewals aren’t all the expensive – $25 – $35, some of them are upwards of $80. When you add it all up, it starts getting pretty pricey. So then I have to weigh out if it’s worth renewing or not. It’s a tough call because I’ve been a member of a number of these groups for years now, but when I really sit down and look at it, I haven’t been taking advantage of the things they offer for quite some time. (Not to mention that I have to wonder if I *want* to be a member of some of those groups anymore – e.g. SFWA. I’d already renewed before that last major issue so I’m still here for now. Besides, I’d like to think that… Read more