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Word Whore ~ Fox & Willow Thursday

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I’m at the usual places today – Word-Whores is a little post about vacations and the beach and summer stuff. (And speaking of which what is with this weather this week?  All over 100 degrees and just so humid and gross.) Otherwise, I’m plugging away on various projects (and finally getting some news and details and hopefully I’ll be able to nail down some specifics that I can share in a bit.) And, of course, the latest Fox & Willow is up today – perfect picture is perfect, btw. It may not be a completely adult comic, but definitely expect a bit of boot-knocking and the occasional flash of skin in this series. Also? Gideon is such a delightful ass in this form…as a good Fox Spirit should be.… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I may have to start changing the title for these Thursday posts since Thursday is also a Fox & Willow update day. (And yes, I’m pimping the hell out of it, but you know what? I love it and I really want people to read it, so that’s just how it goes. I’m actually thinking of starting up a series of posts (on the SSD site) the specifically delves into the fairy tales we chose and why we chose them, and some of the aspects we were hoping to explore. But those will have to come a little at a time (otherwise there would be too many spoilers, I suspect.) In the meantime, the Word Whores theme this week is about chore division, though in my household I’m pretty much grateful if any chores get done at all, let alone have time to decide who does what.… Read more