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Skin Deep

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It’s an interesting thing, being the parent of a child of mixed race. Genetics are so peculiar in how they take form …and how those results influence how we’re perceived…and how we perceive ourselves. To be honest, it hasn’t really been anything I’ve thought about on any intrinsic level until the other night when Lucy wanted to know why she wasn’t white. I’m Irish – a pale, freckly mess with sorta brownish/reddish hair. Mr myn is half-Chinese, though he looks more than merely half to me. My children are split right down the middle. Connor looks just like me- pale skin, brown hair, hazel green eyes – you really wouldn’t know he was Asian at all. Lucy has almond eyes,  straight hair, and lovely golden skin. (I’m rather jealous of it, frankly –  the sun adores her. Connor and I step outside for 5 minutes and fry.) But it’s not… Read more