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Cover Reveal: A Trace of Moonlight

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Ta-Dah! Here’s the official and good copy of the cover to A Trace of Moonlight. (Out October 30, 2012). A leaked/bad copy was released a few weeks ago unfortunately, but thanks to everyone for being so patient. Hope you love it as much as I do!… Read more

I Can Haz Cover: A Sliver of Shadow

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And here we go!  *muppet flail* Hmmm. Apparently I have to add a little more content here or it breaks my blog a bit. Sooo….yay! So here’s a little extra text that means nothing. (But isn’t it pretty??) Next thing to come will be a chapter sample, probably a little closer to release date. ūüôā… Read more

More Cover Pimpage

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So my awesomesauce editor, Danielle, was kind enough to overnight me a stack of solicitation covers over the weekend.  (Larger shot below). In case you don’t know, a solicitation cover is what the publisher sends out as part of their promo packages to booksellers – it’s basically the entire cover, including the back blurb. (And embossing on the front, in my case! And Phin on the back!) Sort of hammers home the reality here a bit for me, which I really, really dig. I will probably be giving some away in a little bit as I get closer to publication date, but I’m also going to frame a copy or two for the family. (Ideally, I think I’ll do that for each of the books as they come out – put them in my office or something.)… Read more

I Can Haz Cover!!

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Here we go folks! The official cover for A Brush of Darkness!** I’ve noticed it’s been popping up in various places on the web, so since the cat’s out of the bag I get to pimp it here now.* (And oddly enough, it’s on Goodreads already…but not Amazon. Go figure.) Now forgive me while I run off to go squee madly. * Thank you Google Alerts! (and Sordid Fantasy for posting!) ** Official cover, but not technically final – there’s always a chance it could still be changed.… Read more