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Conventions and Such

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I’ve officially signed up for a third convention this summer – the Authors After Dark con in Philly. And hey, I’m actually going to be on a few panels in this one (look for me specifically on the one about odd paranormal creatures in books. Go figure.) Even though the con starts on Thursday, I won’t actually be able to make it until Friday morning, my schedule being what it is – but I’ll definitely be there for the book signing on Saturday and the SteamPunk party. So that’s three cons this summer (plus a cruise in the Bahamas). Plus book 3 due in August. Gonna be crazy, but I suspect I’ll survive. *cough* Anyway. I’ve also gone ahead and gotten a PO Box. I’ve had a few requests for signed copies of BoD, and if you head over to the Contact form on my author site, I’ve got the… Read more