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Cleaning House

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I ended up doing a lot of house cleaning this weekend. I’m not close to being finished, but I’m an indifferent housekeeper at best, so there’s an awful lot to go through. (I can walk into my laundry room now, so yay for small victories.) I’ve had a lot on my mind anyway, but the holiday season always ends up stressing me out for various reasons. So, cleaning it is. Or really, throwing stuff away, which is just as cathartic in some ways. Though somewhat painful too, since I decided I was going to go through *everything* – and that includes a number of boxes that I haven’t touched since my mom died. So, yeah – cheery thought, I know, but  I’ve been oscillating back and forth the last few days between something like relief and a mega shame-spiral over the book thing. (Which I realize is silly, but  there it… Read more