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Word Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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Things have been busy this week at home, hence the lack of blogging. Connor has one of those big reports on Colonial Jamestown due tomorrow – so the last several days have been a whirlwind of costumes, posterboard creation and report writing. (I think I dropped about $130 at Michaels yesterday on “craft stuff.” Bleah. I completely suck at this sort of creative¬†endeavor. Scissors and glue are NOT my friends.) He’s the town blacksmith and I *still* have to come up with some sort of apron to go over his pants. >_< Would it be wrong of me to send him in with Mjolnir as his hammer prop? (Not the one I had signed by Chris Hemsworth, mind, but the other one??) Meh. Anyway. New post up over at Word Whores – talking about how I know a manuscript is ready to go out the door. (I’m not sure anyone… Read more