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I Don’t Owe You Jack

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Followers. We all want them. On Twitter. Facebook. Our blogs. Tumblr. Whatever. There’s a certain niceness in thinking that our words are being heard when we toss them out into the void, but just because we put them out there, it doesn’t mean anyone is required to respond. (I waxed poetic about this particular topic in an earlier post a while back…) Jeffe had a good point on her blog post the other day about the perception of using social media to sell books – and how a social media guru at RWA last week told her why twitter is worse than facebook. Now, the thing is – media is only as good as you use it. If all you’re doing is parroting is “BUY MY CRAP” then it probably doesn’t matter what platform you use. But if you’re actually creating real networking relationships, guess what? It doesn’t matter where… Read more