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I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

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…ha ha ha. No. It’s just that time in the book production process where I need to get my dedications and acknowledgments written. I never know what to say, quite honestly – I’m always afraid I’m going to leave someone out or hurt someone’s feelings. The obvious people to thanks are always obvious – family members, editors, agents – the usual professionals.  My beta readers. My blogging groups. The people who have been in the trenches and know the sorts of hurdles that a writer faces. But then you get into the nitty gritty – people who helped me with research, for example. Or gave general support and venting space when I needed it. The ones who overlooked my grouchy days and my whining days and the days where nothing seems to go right. The people who make me laugh. Hell, some days I’m just grateful that anyone actually wants to… Read more

Acknowledge This

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So I started writing up my acknowledgments while I was in the doctor’s office Tuesday.I always sort of suck at these because I tend to want to thank anyone I talked to during the writing process. Writing books is so much more than just putting words down on the page – I mean, sure, you obviously want to thank your beta readers and your editor and all that but for me there is always so much more going on. Half the time it isn’t even about the writing so much as the people I talk to who help keep me going. (Even if we’re not talking about writing at all.) Hell, there are days when I want to thank my iPod for playing good music. (Which probably seems a little odd. And speaking of which – I’m over at Word Whores today talking about my music obsession as well…) The writing of… Read more