Last Minute Lover

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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays I’ve never quite understood. I mean, I get that it’s supposed to be about showing appreciation for the one you love, but I sort of fail to see how  what essentially amounts to a random date can have so much impact on people’s relationships – that strange sort of demand for material things to prove one’s affections- jewelry, flower, chocolates. But really, the concept of love ought to be a bit more important than a heart shaped-box of buttercreams given under duress. Yesterday was not a good day in the Pang household. I was grumpy. Mr Myn was grumpy. Mostly because we’d both had terribly long weeks –  me snowed in with the kids, and him riding around with the National Guard for days at time. Both of us were just completely exhausted. I think we were hoping for a break, but unfortunately… Read more