The Beginning of the End

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I don’t usually make resolutions. They look good on paper, but in all honestly unless you make that mental connection to just do it, then the words don’t really mean anything. Jeffe’s post on sea change had me thinking on that a bit today. The vagueness of so many goals out there just lends itself to failure. (i.e. I resolve to lose weight doesn’t mean anything. Is that a pound? or 50 pounds? Better to have a tangible goal, I think, than just a general one.) Same with writing. I see a lot of that this time of year. I resolve to write a book. Finish a book. Edit three books. Etc. Those are still too vague and too easy to let slip away under the enormity of it all. A better resolution might be to say, “I’m going to write 1000 words a day.” or “Twenty pages a week.”… Read more

Resolution? Meh. Revolution!

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I’ve never been one for resolutions, New Year’s or otherwise. Maybe it’s because they never really worked for me. Or if they did, they only worked for a short period. There’s something sort of odd about convincing myself I would start changing my behavior on x date. Like at this one arbitrary moment in time, I would wiggle my nose and all my bad habits would be gone. Which is bullshit, of course. Take weight loss, for example. I’d pussyfooted around with different diets over the years to try to lose the extra baby weight I’d gained, but I usually couldn’t get through more than a few weeks (or in the case of an actual goal – i.e. vacation, as soon as I got back from said event, it would be back to stuffing myself with mac & cheese). The long and short of it is that I had to… Read more