…and Whoa!

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I sent out my first unsolicited query tonight (to Colleen Lindsay – who is taking Urban Fantasy queries for the month of August…yeah, last minute me), and 22 minutes later she got back to me and requested a full.  I’m a tad flabbergasted, given that it’s a Sunday night. It’s been sent and my fingers have been crossed… *runs away, squeeing into the night*… Read more

Query Letter Hell

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One thing that I seem to have discovered about the pubbing process is that there are very few straight answers to anything. Everyone has their own opinion, and they can vary pretty widely. Take Query letters, for example. Most people agree that as long as you do this, you’re already heads above people who don’t: 1) Use complete sentences 2) Address the agent/editor correctly 3) Follow submission guidelines And I believe that is true. I’ve been trolling a lot of agent blogs in the last few months and most of them say the same sort of thing. The idea here, of course, is to make things easier on the agent. The more difficult your letter is to read, the greater chance it’s just going to be rejected outright. The thinking being that if the author can’t even bother to follow directions for a simple query letter, what are the chances… Read more