Fleeting Beauty

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I went to the Museum of Natural History in DC yesterday. Nothing major. Just a day alone with mr myn (which culminated in a feast of gut-busting proportions over at The Melting Pot.  You can never have enough cheese. Or chocolate.) Anyway, one of the new things over at the museum is you can pay a few extra bucks and go wander around in their butterfly house. It’s not super huge, but there’s a moment of enchantment to be had there. I mean, I’m sure most of us have seen butterflies before, but it was a nice change of pace for midwinter, and fun to just be surrounded by them. And they were *everywhere*. They landed on your hair or your clothes, your phone, the wall, the floor, whatever. (As you can see by the pictures I’m tossing up here – I finally got a new camera, so that was… Read more