Whee. I’m PRO. Or Not?

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Meh. I finally got my latest rejection printed out and a burned copy of SotI (on CD) out to RWA for inclusion in their PRO program. I’m of two minds on it, really. On one hand, it’s great they have a program for authors who have managed to complete a manuscript and the guts to send it out. On the other, it smacks a wee bit of “Congratulations on finishing your book! Too bad it sucks!” Well, okay, maybe that’s too harsh. And I’m certainly willing to see what the PRO side of things has to offer, but I’d way rather be PAN. And I know there’s quite a bit of controversy going on right now within RWA and their inclusion (or lack thereof) of e-books. Sticky wicket, indeed. It’s entirely possible, depending on the outcome, that I may decide to bail out of RWA entirely, but for now I’ll… Read more