Going Offline

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Just a little note to mention that I’m going offline (at least blogging/twitter/facebook wise) for the upcoming holiday weekend. If I remember to do it, I’ll throw up some man candy tomorrow, but in the interest of working on my revisions *and* getting to enjoy some free time with the family, it’s probably for the best if I have less interweb distractions for a few days. *waves* Have a good weekend, y’all.… Read more

Offline for the Weekend

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Given that edits are due on Monday and I spent most of yesterday evening curled in a fetal ball and wishing I were dead* (or that my uterus would call a cab and GTFO), I’m going offline for the rest of the weekend. Might post tomorrow. Might not. Won’t be on Twitter or Facebook or the IM** either. I will answer emails – just maybe not as fast as I would usually. I am mostly done, but I really need to focus on the work to wrap it all up. In the meantime, there’s chocolate cake for breakfast, so that’s where I’m headed. And then…the last of my edits. Wish me luck!! *I did wake up after passing out on the couch with a heating pad and caught the tail end of Rob Zombie’s El Superbeasto. Um. yeah. Not one for the kids, but if you’ve ever seen House of… Read more