Word-Whore Thursday: Fear Itself

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Just a little note to say I’m over at Word-Whores today, talking a little bit about fear. I’m afraid of an awful lot at times, though I’d guess most of it tends to be irrational (although I suspect most creative types are irrational nutjobs when it comes stuff like that. But that’s what makes us creative, right?) That’s what I tell myself, anyway…. >_<… Read more

Blank Canvas Syndrome

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The thing about world-building from scratch is that there’s just so much of it to do. Every time I write a detail down, it just leads to a whole bunch of other questions about other things that I really ought to know or think about. It’s a windy path, and it can be fun, but it’s also a little easy to play the “what if” game – and as amusing as that is, I’d rather just start writing and worry about some of the details later. Plus there’s that whole question of whether or not there’s really anything original anymore – or am I just rehashing what’s already out there. I’d like to think I’ve got it in me to come up with *something* new, but who knows? I’m messing around with more science than fantasy at the moment, and physics just isn’t my thing. I’m a tad edgy about… Read more