Crystalline Knowledge of You.

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About two years ago, during my second trip to Vegas, mr myn and I stopped into the Michael Negrin store there. The stuff they sell is really over-the-top  – shirts, dresses, jewelry – all of it done up in lovely vintage/Victorian crystals. Mr myn bought me the pictured necklace, which I’ve worn pretty much every day since then. I’m terribly hard on my jewelry, mind – I sleep in it, shower in it, pretty much never take it off. It’s one of the reasons I don’t wear much and it’s why I’m not interested in it unless it’s a bit on the hardier side. At any rate, last year one of the crystals fell off – but we found it right away and we were able to glue it back on. About two weeks ago I noticed another one had fallen off, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. This sort… Read more