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I won 3rd prize in the SteamPunk Costume party at the Gathering last night. (Which was a screaming hoot, btw – best Gathering I’ve ever been to – everything just came together so, so wonderfully.) The bad news? I forgot my damn camera. However – there were about 100 people there and tons of them were taking pictures, so I’m doing my best now to round up the people I know were there to get some pics. Sorry! 🙁 Also – had a wonderful time hanging out at Downtown Disney yesterday with Carrie and Renee (fellow DG fan girls!) – it was brilliant to finally meet them face to face. 🙂… Read more

Sneak Peek at FF&P’s Gathering Flyer

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RWA Nationals isn’t until July, but in a quiet moment today I was able to whip up the flyer for the FF&P-sponsored event known as The Gathering. I still need to add it to the website, but all in good time. And yes, I had to recycle my SteamPunk angel for this, but I really am just too busy to render a separate graphic at the moment.… Read more