Calling Goblins

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It all started with a McDonald’s Fry Guy whistle. During the mid-80’s – I’m not sure exactly when, maybe 82 to 86 or so, I had a summer friend who would come to visit. His grandmother lived next door to us when I was growing up and every summer he would come to visit her for a few months. (His parents were separated so I think that had something to do with the length of the stay. Sometimes his sister or cousins would come for a few weeks as well.) In some ways it was a godsend for me. They didn’t go to my school or know any of my other friends, so they didn’t know how miserably I was picked on. I looked forward to his arrival every summer like I was getting a passport straight into Narnia or something. I can’t even begin to explain it, because honestly? He… Read more

It’s Just a Spring Clean for the May Queen

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In the little bit of craziness this morning I nearly forgot what day it was. Happy Beltane! I can’t say I did any dancing around the May Pole today, but I did have an awesome breakfast with my friend @Scopique  – I haven’t seen him in nearly 15 years, though we do chat quite a bit online. Seeing as he and his family were passing through Virginia this week, it just seemed like a great thing to do. Lucy was being her usual obnoxious charming self, of course, but other than that it was really great to get to see everyone and to finally meet his family. And here we all are. Well, mr myn was taking the picture, and Lucy decided she didn’t want to be involved, but otherwise it’s all good. (Sun was kinda bright, tho, hence the squinty/closed eyes.)… Read more