Epic Vader

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I don’t know what’s going on here, but I feel like I need to be involved somehow.… Read more

Asian Racism WTFkery…and Win.

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Okay – I’m actually horrified that I’m even posting this video because the ignorance displayed in it is really disgusting on so many levels. (And it would be regardless, but given the terrible events in Japan this past week, it sinks to an even greater depth of repugnance.) Nice to see that the UCLA administration thinks so too… There have been many video replies to the above, but none so full of win and awesomesauce as this one: Brilliant all the way around. (Plus he looks a bit like mr myn and therefore I find him very cute.)… Read more

Couldn’t Think of Anything to Blog About…

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…but this made me LOL. Gods know we could use one of these in the office…… Read more

PVC Pipe Music

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This is beyond epic. I could sit and watch this kid all day.… Read more