The Fantasy of Desire

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I can fall in love at the drop of a hat. And I do pretty much every day in some form or another. Or maybe I just think I do. It doesn’t take much – an exotic accent, a unique skill,  windswept hair, whatever. It’s a mindless sort of love though.  It doesn’t require any real commitment or knowledge or even the ability to have a functional conversation – because it’s purely fantasy. But let’s be honest –  there’s a sort of safety in falling in love with the unattainable. Whether it’s a character in a book or a movie or a random celebrity, you’re pretty much free to imagine whatever scenario you like without worries of any sort of repercussion. There’s no bad breath or jock itch in my dreams, anyway. And probably not yours, either. I suppose that’s the broader appeal in romance books – for a reader… Read more