Rambly and Random Updates

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Well, there it is, in all it’s glory. Or something like that. 😉  Anyway, that’s the “official” author pic that’s going in the back of the book (and probably all over everything else. LOL). Poor photographer took over 70 shots, but like I noted before, I really kind of hate getting my picture taken. I certainly can’t vamp without looking like I’m totally stoned, anyway – so I gave up on the “mysterious, smexy author” photos, but I also didn’t want the “goofy, why-is-she-smiling-like-that-is-my-fly-open?” sort of look either. So…best of both worlds, maybe? At least I can look at it without blushing or cringing, so that is a very good sign. Ah, and since people were asking about what color my corset is going to be, here’s a sample of the cloth –> Sort of blue and striped – the only bummer is that I was hoping for a black… Read more

Corset Craziness

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The problem with getting custom made clothing via long distance is that it’s hard to get things lined up exactly right. I’m getting a corset/dress made by Scoundrelle’s Keep. It’s a new thing for me as far as clothes go. I do have a few off-the-shelf corsets that I wear for fun or parties, but this is the first time I’ve ever had one actually made to fit *me*. Anyway, I was sent the mock-up via mail the other day. Mockup – as in- that is NOT the actual color of the cloth or anything – just a way for the seamstress to see how things fall based on the measurements I sent her. (Which is another story all together – but some of those bridal shops can be downright bitchy, let me tell you.) Anyway, mr myn laced me into it, but either we didn’t get it quite right,… Read more