Late Night BoD Shinies

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Can I just say how thrilled I was to receive some gifted fanart this afternoon from Molly Nemecek? (aka Jakface). Brystion, FTW. (DAT nose!)… Read more


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So freaking cool! I’m getting one for Lucy’s birthday party…and when that’s over, I’m totally going to bring it into the office and swim it around everyone’s cubes…. Mwah ahhahahahahhaah!… Read more

Happy Place

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I had it in my head to write a ranty post about something that probably doesn’t matter to anyone. But then I came across this picture and I decided to post it instead. Because it is awesome.… Read more

Hello Kitty Ramen

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I’m completely feeling non-bloggy today, so here’s a picture of some awesome Hello Kitty Ramen. (More pictures here). Thanks to @heezachan for pointing this out to me. Now I just gotta find someone in Japan or Hong Kong who can send me some! Otherwise I should probably be packing for tomorrow. I’m still totally not sure what I’m gonna do for costume stuff on Friday night. I like my elf ears and all but I’m not sure I want to deal with all the fuss of the gown this time. Decisions, decisions…… Read more

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Kettle

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I realize this is only a concept, but how totally epic is this for tea-drinkers? *grabby fingers*… Read more