All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

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Too much free time, but so, so awesome. Especially because I bought mr myn the entire remastered Robotech series on DVD for Christmas. 80+ episodes of robot/space/Minmae glory, yo. (Yes, I realize this cardboard robot is from Gundam Wing, but close enough, right?)… Read more

My Kids Love Anime!

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Whee. Since we switched over to FIOS for our cable/internet, I discovered the Funimation channel – I know it’s been around, but I don’t think we had it when had had Comcast. But flipped to it the other night and my kids love it. Tsubasa, Hunter x Hunter, Ouran High Host School, Peach Girl…*sigh* I haven’t watched any anime in a very long while, but this is so much better than constant reruns of Wonderpets and Max & Ruby. Really. (And yeah, they’re a ways off from watching Hellsing or GunGrave or Pumpkin Scissors, but I’ll take what I can get. Mmm..maybe Cowboy Bebop if I’m lucky.)… Read more