New World Gypsies?

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Mr Myn was telling me about this site after stumbling across an article – > https://www.airbnb.com/. I really like the concept, even though there’s a small part of me that’s not sure I’d be willing to do it (mostly due to visions of ending up in the house of a serial killer – though I suppose that works both ways. LOL.) However, if I were single and either backpacking around Europe or just the traveling sort on a budget, I think AirBnB would be an awesome alternative. Given today’s ability to pick up wifi just about anywhere, I’d imagine one could be in a bus terminal in France and attempt to make reservations in Spain for the next day. (Of course, each house has its own rules as far as what you get for the price and how flexible cancellations are,) but really, the concept of being able to rent… Read more