Adventures in Baking Unicorn Poop Cookies.

Such as they are.

My friend Danielle came to visit me this weekend and seeing as it was so chilly out, we decided to take advantage of the crazy Unicorn Poop cookie recipe that was floating around the interwebs…And this is what we came up with.

And apologies – I’m basically just going to upload a bunch of pictures here, because it’s  hard to really be poetic about the fact that we were making edible unicorn feces.

<– Danielle mixing in the shortening. 😀

(These cookies are pretty much NOTHING but shortening and sugar. As one would expect, really.)

<– A little assistance from ms Lucy.

<– Taste the rainbow

<– You’re supposed to roll the colored bits of dough into long snakes and then weave them all together.

This was a lot harder than it sounds – they tended to break apart pretty easily.

<- First batch out of the oven. The color faded a little bit when we baked them. (Plus we started getting lazy with the dough rolls and just mixed them up into multi-colored unicorn poop patties.

And yes, they *do* look a lot like regurgitated play-dough.

<- After we put the glitter glaze and sprinkles and magical fairy dust and whathaveyou.

Huzzah for pretty poop!

<– Where we tell the kids the cookies come from. 😉

<–…and the unicorns and hedgehogs (and Hello Kitty) had a tea party. And no one asked where the cookies came from.

The End.

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