Slow Down

I actually don’t have much to talk about today – which seems to be more and more the case the last several weeks.

Not sure if that means I just need to take a break from blogging or a break from writing all together for a while. (Not going to happen, at the moment, deadlines being what they are.)

I suppose that’s one advantage to having a blog that isn’t really about anything. I don’t actually feel bad if I don’t talk about something Really Important or Terribly Useful. And some days, there really isn’t anything more important than man candy or wtfkry.

Not that I mind giving advice or talking about my experiences in the publishing world, but some days I hardly feel as though I have the experience to really tell anyone how to do anything.

But I have to admit my stress levels have gone up quite a bit lately. Part of this makes a fair amount of sense – after all, my next book is technically due in about a month…and I just barely finished with the edits of the second. It’s hard for me personally to go from a polished manuscript to first draft ugliness without a bit of a mental double-take.

(This is where having a stack of trunk novels hidden under the bed before I got pubbed would have come in fairly helpful.) I’m a tad burned out on the subject matter, honestly. Not that I don’t love Abby and company, because I do…but I’m a big fan of idea percolation, and there hasn’t been much of that this time around.  Good news is I know how it ends (more or less) so I’ve got something to aim for – and that is always a good thing, particularly for pantster/mister types like me. There’s just less time for wending around the subject matter, I suppose.

I’m sure I’ll get it worked out during revisions, but I’ve got  ideas simmering on the backburner just waiting to be cooked up, and they’re getting impatient.  Makes it hard to focus, though. (And I hope to talk more about one of them in a few weeks once I’ve got some of the details ironed out – it’s something I’m really looking forward to.)

But just due to time constraints, the blogging has taken a backseat to some of the other stuff, and I apologize for that. I shall try to do better as I go.

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