Everyday Milestones

So it’s my 11th wedding anniversary today. Last year was more of a “milestone” number and mr myn and I ran off to NYC for the weekend, sans kids, and had a blast.

This year, our schedules are a little too complicated to do anything quite so drastic. Both kids are in school. I’ve got book deadlines. Mr myn is working quite a bit. (All the usual, I suppose.)

The time slipped away from us, though we will try to find a few moments next weekend to do something just for us. (Getting a few hours alone is far nicer than buying each other some sort of fancy trinkets – I’m hoping to get us out to the Ren Faire or go pumpkin picking or something outdoorsy.)

Of course, there’s always something nice about being appreciated, but I also think there’s a comfortable medium when you get to a certain point in a relationship  – monetary displays of affection just aren’t as important. (Nice, yes. Required? No.) I’m fairly lucky in this respect – we’re both pretty laid back about it, so it’s no big deal if there aren’t flowers and cards and all the rest of it. It’s the everyday acknowledgments that are most important.

You know. The usual. 😉

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