Friday Fiddling

Got my tickets to see His Royal Hotness for the fourth time today. (Concert is in DC in Feb.) Best part about it? We have 16 people coming from all over the world to hang out as a group before and after the show. (A bigger repeat of the experience last year from the Birchmere).

I can’t begin to mention how awesome this is – not only do I get to watch my fav violinst, but I get to do it with some of the most fabulous people I’ve ever met.

However. I would like to call major shenanigans on TicketMaster for having a totally lame-ass automation system. I only called to buy my tickets because I had so many to buy and I wanted to talk to a human being about it (which didn’t happen). If I’d known how headbashing an experience it was going to be, I would have stuck with the online purchase. No way it should have taken me 15 minutes of asking the system to repeat itself (or repeat MYSELF every time I had to spell my name.)

Not bothering with the whole Meet&Greet experience this time (assuming PBS is even offering). I’ve got my own connections these days (hellooooo hanging on the tour bus!)

Think I’ll go be giddy for a while.  😀

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