Gearing Up

The last day of winter holidays is always a weird one for me. Right after New Year’s I start feeling vaguely restless. One of those things where my mind knows it’s time to start cranking back up and out of its sluggish little hibernation…but the flesh? Yeah. It’s still wanting to plant itself on the couch for endless reading. Or movie watching. Or epic WoW raid sessions. (The last one is a lie. I rarely raid in WoW. But still.) Or eating. OMG, the eating. Tomorrow, it’s back on the diet. I swear it. Maybe.

So here I am, under the distinct realization that the tree really does have to come down today. And I’ve been wearing the same flannel pjs for like three days. A shower is in order. Washing dishes. Laundry. A good vacuum. Tumbleweed needs her cage cleaned.

And then the writing. I’ve been on a bit of a self-imposed hiatus for a few weeks. The outline for the third book has been partially written, but I’ve wanted to let the concepts settle a bit before I choose to commit to them, so to speak. Plus I’m waiting to hear back from my editor about the draft for the second book. If there are major changes that need to be made, that will obviously affect the third book. (Although honestly, I have the beginning and the ending mapped out in my head already. It’s just the middle that needs thinking about.)

The other projects are starting to poke me now as well. This morning I woke up with a slew of ideas for my Steampunk, the voice finally beginning to take shape. It’s been a partial concept for a little while and I had started it last year, but it wasn’t quite ready to go. But allowing my brain to wind down a bit has helped. Even if I’m not quite ready to get the story out, I’m sketching out the notes. (Still a panster…but I’ve found that if I don’t write down at least a few of the ideas, I have a tendency to forget them sometimes.)

So. Shower. Tree. Cleaning. Maybe some WoW.

And then I might actually get some new words down. 🙂

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