Well…not really.

I just found it dreadfully amusing that one of my ARCs managed to find its way to ebay last week (and actually had 3 bidders on it!) I’m mostly flattered, though there’s a tiny bit of righteous indignity to it too. (What, doesn’t the “Not for resale label” mean anything??? Integrity, people!) And it’s not like I’ll ever know who it was that put it up there – I sent out ARCs, my agent sent out ARCs, my editor sent out ARCs, my publicist sent out ARCs…and yeah, you get the picture. Could have come from anywhere – and frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Still, it’s kind of cool in a way. I honestly wouldn’t have thought anyone would remotely think about bidding on a book by a n00b author. (Pirating would be another thing all together – I imagine there are all sorts of people that will download something for free, regardless of whether they’ve heard of the author or not. And I suppose that will come at some point, too. Not really something I’m looking forward to, but I won’t be surprised when it does.)

On a completely random and unrelated note, I also discovered my book has been wiki-fied. Okay, so maybe it’s not the “real” Wikipedia, but hey, it’s a start and it was a total surprise to find it out there.

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