Luck in the Shadows

This isn’t really a review – just a happy announcement that Lynn Flewelling’s latest Nightrunner book is out now. 🙂

It’s been a while since I read the original – Luck in the Shadows, but I think I’m going to have to get the whole set on the Kindle so I can reread them again, because I really adored them. And I’m the first to admit that it’s the first two I love the most – but to be honest, it’s not the plot I remember so much as the characters and the relationships between them. (And I’m not overly forgetful, but there was a several year gap between the latest few books and the first ones, so it’s to be expected, I think.)

At any rate, the two main characters Alec and Seregil have been a staple in my psyche for quite a while. And yes, eventually they do become lovers, but the books never set themselves up to be a romance or m/m. In fact, I never got the impression that either man was gay or identified themselves as such (although there’s certainly a bit of bisexuality thrown in there along the way.) It’s just a gradual thing where two people fall in love. It’s slow. And awkward and endearing. And real, I guess. There’s nothing particularly explicit as far as love scenes go (and in fact, there really aren’t any until maybe book 2…but that’s a good thing.) There’s no “alpha male” or ridiculously large cocks or glistening chests. They’re just people.

There’s plenty of good swashbuckling story going on as well, along with witty banter and political intrigue, so although the relationships between the characters do become a central focus, the romance does not. It’s there, but it’s not the “main thing,” if that makes any sense. In any case, check them out if you’re looking for a good fantasy read with a touch of romance.

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