Will Edit for Food

I sent the first 16 chapters of my revisions over to my editor yesterday. I still have several chapters to go, but it *is* getting there. It’s a lot more than I thought it would be. Edits are like that I guess, but I’ve found as I’ve tried to expand the story more, new details started cropping up – and new ideas. It’s a bit like herding cats, maybe, but there comes a moment when you look at something and you have to decide if it’s *really* necessary. I mean, sure it’s a funny bit, but if it’s not moving things along, I’m probably going to have to cut it.

What I sent her wasn’t polished at all  – I discovered that if I tried to fix it up too much as I went, then I wasn’t really moving forward anymore. Never mind the fact that as soon as I got something right, I’d be stuck moving paragraphs around later anyway, thereby messing everything up again. Better to wait until it’s all done, I think and then go through a few rounds of “fix up.”

On the other hand, I felt like it wouldn’t be a bad thing to let her take a quick look at what I had to make sure I was on track, rough or not. The deadline is looming over me and it’s getting a little scary.

I have to apologize for not having better quality blog posts the last few weeks, but hopefully I’ll get a little bit of a breather once this last set is done. I guess I just find it hard to come up with stimulating concepts when I’m trying to figure out if my good guy should really be a bad guy…or at least a dude who’s royally screwed up in some fashion. On top of that, I also have to think ahead to where I want the second book to go – is the tiny detail I throw in here going to have major repercussions later?

Good times.

I’m literally eating and breathing this thing now. Even when I’m not editing, my mind is constantly turning it around, trying to find all the possible angles. Makes it hard to do much else, so if I seem a little distracted, that’s why.

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