We’re Just Two Lost Souls, Swimming in a Fish Bowl

Meet Henry.

If I must be in a fishbowl of a cube, at least I will have company. In a nice twist of corporate Feng Shui, I added the Buddha of Prosperity to his bowl.

And Plankton.

Make of that what you will.

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3 Responses to We’re Just Two Lost Souls, Swimming in a Fish Bowl

  1. writtenwyrdd says:

    Pretty Henry! 
    I used to be big into tropical fish.  I had 3 aquariums  at one point.  But I had a high rate of loss.  I probably have a black aura from all the tropical fish I've killed; but I persisted mightily for several years.  I gave it up and sold the equipment several years ago, lol.

  2. mynfel says:

    Heh. I hear you. I actually have a degree in Marine Biology, though I never really did anything with it. I did have an 80 gallon reef tank in my basement for about 4 years, but had to give it up when we moved. (Just broke everything down and sold it…way too much of a pain to get it all reset up again).

    When I get some time and some disposable income again, I'm probably going to set up a seahorse tank.   🙂

  3. Jeffe Kennedy says:

    You should buy Henry some high-class fish food — he's clearly good luck!

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