Shelta Goodness

And here’s some mad props to Craobh Rua Books in Northern Ireland for getting me my Secret Languages of Ireland book in about 4 days. Seriously – I ordered it on the 15th and it showed up today. (And yeah, I paid for delivery in 8 to 16 business days, but that’s just downright ridiculous…must have sent it by Pooka.) Nice to see my Irish connexions are still in good standing.

So far, it’s a very good book. Nice to see it’s got a whole section on Ogham. Funny thing, that. In high school @Saille and I used to send each other notes in Ogham. (had the whole alphabet memorized, actually.) Not sure if that would have made me a good druid or not, but it’s nice to think so. 😉

Why yes, I am a total nerd. Why do you ask?

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