Heart of the Rockies Finalist

W00t.  Got another call tonight, (and if I didn’t sound horribly excited, it’s because Lucy was wailing after me down the hallway as I tried to escape to a quiet place to hear.)  And good news all the way around. Finalists will be announced second week of October and the judge is Chris Keeslar, who I’ve been dying to query anyway.

Think I’m done entering any new contests, though.  I’m still waiting on some that I entered over the summer, but the upcoming fall/winter ones have a lot of the same editors/agents doing the final judging. Being that I’m already getting my shot with the ones I want, it seems silly and just a tad greedy to try to hit them up a second time on the same manuscript. If the editor/agent reads it in the final and doesn’t ask to to see more, that’s the answer right there.

So here’s me, turning in my Contest-whore card, for now.   🙂

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