Avoidance via Hot Water.

I’ve noticed that I’ve got this interesting habit of running off to the shower whenever there’s a task about that I don’t feel like doing. Maybe I just need time to think – and in theory, the shower ought to be a good place to be alone. (Although in my case, I usually have an audience of at least one, courtesy of small children, bad manners and a glass shower door.  Curse you, stand up shower!) Maybe I’m trying to wash the stress off. And in a way, it’s a pleasing image to think of your issues running down the drain.

In either case, something has been building up to a head here for a while now in one area of my life. Instead of dealing with it, I’ve been over-looking it, in the hopes that it might at least right itself, even if it it’s not quite back to “normal”. The band-aid has probably needed to be pulled off for quite some time.

Not sure why I can’t seem to do it.

Suppose I’ll run off and take another shower.

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