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Women and Violent Video Game Portrayals

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I’m actually going to throw in a bit of a trigger warning on this post- there’s definitely some less than pleasant topics here. Anyway, as most of you know I’m a fairly avid gamer – but I tend to stick with RPGS for the most part, simply because I enjoy them. I like seeing my choices influence game events, I like getting to develop relationships with NPCs…and I like the ability to play a woman character that isn’t simply there to cater to the male gaze. Some games are more successful at this than others, but it’s an ever changing medium and things are slowly changing for the better. Slowly. But the last few weeks have been a step backward for a few reasons. The thing is, like a lot of other male-dominated media (comic books, for example) – women tend to either be merely eye candy, or shoved into… Read more