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Word Whore Thursday: Office Space

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I’m over at Word-Whores today talking a little bit about where I do my writing. (Including a wretchedly awful shot of a very messy desk.) *ahem* Otherwise, I’m rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get all the last minute stuff packed for the con tomorrow in Philly (or I will be once I bug out of work in a little bit.) I’ll admit I’m a little freaked out since tomorrow will be my first actual set of panels. (Popping the panel cherry, yo!)  I assume all will be well, but hopefully I won’t say anything too silly.  (Though I suppose that’s always a delightful risk, eh?) Should be fun, either way. Also, for those of you attending the book signing and may be interested, I’ll be taking names of people who might want to purchase custom BoD Sketchcards! 🙂 I’m still feeling out how… Read more