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Balancing Act

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Such as they are. I don’t usually do New Year Resolution posts. Like Jeffe, I tend to feel the promises we make in private to ourselves are a much more telling sign of our ability to accomplish something. Not that we all don’t want praise and kudos for reaching our goals – there’s a big reason programs like Weight Watchers works for so many people, for example. But praise is a hollow motivator sometimes. I know for myself there’s a big difference when someone congratulates me on something I don’t feel like I’ve earned. It feels good for about 30 seconds, but after that? It’s all empty. Because inside, I know it’s not real. (But hey I finished the draft for A Trace of Moonlight, whee! Subbing to editor some point this week, so yay for me to get that done. Starting the new year without it hanging over my… Read more

The Beginning of the End

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I don’t usually make resolutions. They look good on paper, but in all honestly unless you make that mental connection to just do it, then the words don’t really mean anything. Jeffe’s post on sea change had me thinking on that a bit today. The vagueness of so many goals out there just lends itself to failure. (i.e. I resolve to lose weight doesn’t mean anything. Is that a pound? or 50 pounds? Better to have a tangible goal, I think, than just a general one.) Same with writing. I see a lot of that this time of year. I resolve to write a book. Finish a book. Edit three books. Etc. Those are still too vague and too easy to let slip away under the enormity of it all. A better resolution might be to say, “I’m going to write 1000 words a day.” or “Twenty pages a week.”… Read more