Wolf Spiders, Yay!

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I tried to get a real picture of one of these today with my own camera, but the little dudes just wouldn’t sit still long enough. Plus my camera kinda blows, so I just found this one online here. The point here is that my backyard is full of them. Hundreds. Thousands. When we walk through the taller grass these little hairy monsters just start crawling beneath our feet. During Connor’s birthday party, we set up the huge water slide that we have, which was great, but during the set up and take down of said slide, the spiders crawled over it in droves. (And the grasshoppers and crickets too, but they were very tiny). My mother-in-law- thinks we should have someone come out and kill all the spiders, but that seems a tad draconian to me. For one thing, I’m not one for just dumping poison in my yard… Read more