The Buzzing of Bees

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I was thinking the other day about the whole social networking thing – and yes, I did post a bit about the follower/not following issue a few weeks ago. (And it apparently hit a nerve because I had quite a few comments, so clearly it’s something that affects a lot of people.) But I took a look this morning at who I’m following this morning. Over 1700 people on Twitter. 745 friends on Facebook. Over 300 on Tumblr. I’ve sorta given up on Google Plus, but these numbers don’t include RSS feeds or blogs or  GetGlue or LinkedIn or FourSquare or the million mailing lists I’m on or any of those other places that I’ve somehow gotten ensnared with. And I guess it sort of rolls back to the “author needing to build a platform” thing. We follow some people because we find them interesting, or maybe hope for a… Read more