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Of course the problem with ranting on blog posts is that I so rarely have anything to follow it up with the next day. Not that yesterday was all that much of a rant, really. Grumpy observation, maybe? Tack that on to medical insurance issues (yeah, I’m loving that letter from the new insurance company telling me I must have Fibromyalgia and what they can do to help me. Um, hello? That’s one thing I *don’t* have, wonder of wonders.) I’m dying to find out how they managed to “diagnose” me from afar without any sort of proof. On the other hand, they’ve stopped paying for my chiropractic treatments. Because I should be fixed by now. If I’m not, I obviously have some sort of chronic issue and I’m not doing enough to take care of it. *headbash* Keep in mind I’m getting another round of Platelet Rich Plasma/Prolotherapy tomorrow.… Read more