Magic Whore Blood

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Special thanks to @JayeWells for the title of this particular post. (And her utterly fantastic link that had me crying from laughing so hard. Yes, it’s probably pretty rude, but it still struck me as terribly amusing. (I sort of want to make my new tag line “I have magic whore blood!” now.) Anyway, about eighteen months ago (give or take), I had attempted to start a group blog. Known as Word Whores, we were made up of a group of Play By Post writers. It failed miserably and folded after about four months. Funny thing was, for all that we could write pages and pages of coposts and games posts without thinking about it, most of the members could barely get a paragraph out for a blog post (myself included.) Blogs don’t work particularly well when there aren’t posts. Even worse are half-assed posts. When posting becomes a chore,… Read more