Word-Whore Thursday

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I’m over at the Word Whores today for my usual Thursday posting. This week the theme is perfection, which is a rather futile goal –  noble to strive for, sure, but perfection is really in the eye of the beholder anyway. What’s a deal breaker for some is endearing to someone else. It’s sort of like writing – you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t really try. The more you try to be all things to all people the less likely you are to succeed pleasing anyone.… Read more

Word Whore Thursday:Perfection

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I actually gave up my weekly slot over at Word Whores for a guest post from Danielle (go check it out, it’s really quite brilliant.) The topic this week is about imperfection – or at least the things about ourselves that we don’t like. I’ve got a pretty extensive list, sadly enough, but I don’t think hashing those things out here is particularly productive. Most of said imperfections can’t really be changed anyway and so much of that really depends on perception anyway. Things I find to be horrendous are probably fairly unnoticeable by the average person. Very few people hold others to standards of perfection…so why are we so hard on ourselves? (Although I will say, that’s probably true from a personal standpoint, as a western society we sure do pride ourselves on who has the skinniest thighs or the smallest ass or the whitest teeth. Why? (Like OMG – Jane Starlet has…*gasp*…smile… Read more