Query Tracker Success Story

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For those who are interested, I’ve been featured over at QueryTracker as a success story!https://www.querytracker.net/allisonp.php (And yeah, not much of a blog post today – but I’m out at meetings and doctor appointments all day, so best I could do for the moment.)… Read more


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A lot of my time the last few weeks has been involved with the revamping of the FF&P website. Shameless plug here –> https://www.romance-ffp.com. It’s definitely been a labor of love. Liz Pelletier (the absolutely amazing back-end programmer that she is) and I were forced to take something that clearly has not been updated in ages and turn it into something new. By its very nature, FF&P has to be a dynamic site – authors are always coming and going, books are being pubbed, membership changes and so does the content…and it’s impossible to do by hand. (Not and keep one’s sanity, anyway.) Thankfully, Liz was willing to work her ass off, learning a new language in a matter of weeks and completely restructure the back end of the site. My own bits aren’t nearly as impressive. Making things look vaguely appealing isn’t as hard as it sounds. And truthfully,… Read more