Bitterness and Confessions

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Wow. Ok, so now I’m rather flabbergasted. In the interest of protecting the innocent, if there are such things, I suppose I’ll avoid some of the more strenuous details. It appears as though no matter what I do, it’s wrong. I take a stand against passive/aggressive behavior and it’s wrong. If I let people walk all over me, it’s also wrong. Apparently I’m a liar now, too. Oh…and it’s also apparently common knowledge that I read everyone’s PMs over at the P&T forums. Which I don’t. Or maybe I do. Yes, that’s right! I have so much fucking free time on my hands – what with my full time job and my kids and my attempt to get published and all, that I routinely go through over 100,000 PMs and categorize them and print them out and plot ways to fuck up people’s lives. Gee, glad I got that little… Read more