ARC Awesomesauce

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So. Um. Awesomesauce agent Suzie Townsend sent me the ARC for Twilight’s Dawn. Which I received about 5 hours ago. And which I have just finished. Not going to review it, but…yeah. I’m going to have to reread that last story, I think – I wish it had been a little longer and a bit more detailed in places. But the ends fits. That’s all I’m gonna say. ūüôā… Read more

The Shadow Queen

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I don’t think I’ll normally be doing reviews, but I kinda felt like one tonight. Procrastination maybe – writing seems to be rather difficult today, but I think that’s a combination of stress and exhaustion, so I’ll keep plugging away as I can. Anyway – review time. The Shadow Queen is Anne Bishop’s latest foray in the world of the Black Jewels, and as much as I really love that universe,I’m afraid this story fell a little short for me. I know there’s going to be a sequel to it, as well as another volume of short stories released in a bit, but I just felt like everything here was wrapped up too quickly and yet, it left me hanging. There will probably be spoilers here, btw, so bear with me. The main plot centers around Cassidy – a Rose jeweled Queen – I actually liked her. She was kind… Read more